I'm not for ranting about a company because of a bad experience, it's a fact of life that even a good company has bad moments. I did however interact with a business that is a serious threat to your financial well being.  A company called Primamerica approached me for a job.  They're some kind of financial services company that does cold calling on people to sell them financial services they don't understand.

I was told that they were going to need $99 dollars for a background check, and 25 bucks a month for internet access.  I know that a background check costs $50 and I sure don't need their internet service.  They wanted me to tell them who are all the people I know and their numbers.  I just laughed at that.  They were pretty vague about how they generate money, they would only tell me how great it was working for Primerica, and telling me how to increase my leads by doing things like joinging a church.  I laughed all the way out the door

I did some research on them, they're an unscrupulous company that leaches off of people.  They only want your contacts for the sales leads so that they can scam them.  If you're approached by these people, avoid them like they're zombies. 

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Another one similar to this is World Financial Group!!!  RUN FAST THE OTHER WAY!!! 



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