So our upcoming custom choppers biz is becoming frighteningly, excitingly, wild-fun-scary, more and more a reality. Yay!

The weak spot for both my business partner and I is the accounting and bookkeeping. Eek!

Our office network will most definitely be UNIX/Linux and I know there are plenty of business software options out there. My experience with Open Source in general is that it's usually less user-intuitive than Window$, but quite powerful once you know your way around it.

Any recommendations? 

We're likely going to have a tax guy for the truly hardcore stuff, but as far as day to day inventory, bookkeeping, expenses, POS, anyone work with any Open Source programs you can recommend? Or recommend to avoid?

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Ooh, thanks WW. About to re-partition my Macbook and re-install Ubuntu on its other half. Specifically, to start playing around with and testing Linux software.
Do yourself a favor, be sure to back up your Mac OS partition first in case anything goes wrong. You'll thank me for that advice later if you have to backpedal.
Definitely. Just downloaded GParted.

Just wondering how your expericments went.  What open source software did you decide to go with?




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