One of my favorite genres that Hollywood just can't seem to do right. Although they're making a Mutant Chronicals film that looks promising. Nothing Sci-Fi has yet to top the Original Star Wars Trilogy in my book.. nostalgia is a powerful force indeed.

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They do seem to have a hard time putting together good sci-fi these days.

Sunshine almost made it, it was shaping up to be a really good, atmospheric, suspenseful film...... but man did they blow it at the end.

I always enjoy the first two Alien films (not the Aliens Special Edition with all the footage of the colonists added to the beginning, though), and I never thought Alien3 was as bad as everyone made out. Alien resurrection was pretty poor. The less said about Alien versus Predator, the better.

Speaking of which, Predator has to be one of my favourite films. Not particularly sophisticated, I know, but everything it sets out to do, it succeeds. A really solid film, and Arnie gets a few good lines. Predator 2 is OK but pretty weak in comparison with its predecessor (plus no Arnie).

Terminator: great.
Terminator II: awesome
Terminator III: awful

I should probably stop babbling on for a bit.
I never saw Terminator III. I guess I'm fortunate. I did like Serenity, and I was a big fan of the Firefly show.
I didn't see all of T3, but enough. Enough.

I saw Serenity, liked it. Haven't watched the series yet, the DVD set is sitting about 2m away on my 'to watch' pile. Also have to get around to watching the rest of Battlestar Galactica series 3.

I seldom get around to actually watching a lot of this stuff. Spending too much time on the internet :)
I usually have something in the DVD player while surfing the new at home (or in a media player elsewhere on my desktop). The series I think is better than the movie, but they're both great.

I've only seen the first season of Battlestar Galactica and I enjoyed it, I'll have to see if I can borrow them from a friend.
T3 wasn't total crap, and had a pretty good bleak ending that was logically consistent with the whole series. But I do think it was mostly made as a cash cow for the studio. Kristanna Loken was also teh hawt as the T-chick, so I had no complaints there. I liked how she did the little blood test by casually licking a bandage to find out if the person she'd just shot was her intended target (it wasn't...oh well). I also thought Nick Stahl was a better John Conner than Edward Furlong, though we'll never know how Furlong would have aged into the character since his druggie lifestyle essentially kneecapped his acting career.

Much as I like Christian Bale, I hold out no hope for Terminator Salvation. I mean, shit, McG? The director of Charlie's Angels? Uh, I think not.
While the movie itself was not very good, I rather appreciated the ending...

Not that anyone cares, but just in case.

The entire length of the film, John Conner is trying to reach a military base in order to stop SkyNet and all that jazz. Arnie is back to help him, yadda yadda. The kicker is that when they finally reach aforementioned base, it is entirely abandoned. The plan was actually to get John Conner to a safe location so that when SkyNet took over, he'd be in a safe place. They had no intention of actually stopping the war. I thought it was a pretty interesting twist to a pretty unspectacular film.
I thought Sunshine was excellent, Danny Boyle always brings fresh ideas to whatever genre he tries.

Also, I agree, Alien 3 was very good. It was the darkest and most atmospheric of the 'quadrilogy' and the most intelligent as well I think.

And i'm watching Predator tonight!

What about Steven Soderbergh's take on 'Solaris' - I actually enjoyed it more than the original. Sci-fi like this is sadly rare in Hollywood though.
Ah, Predator (a guilty pleasure). My favorite lines in the movie: "I ain't got time to bleed" and "stick around". Ha!
Do iiiiit! Kiiilll Mee!
I just went to see The Dark Knight, and before the movie there was a preview for a new Terminator. I can't quite imagine it without Arnold, but Arnold is 61 years old.
I always thought Alien 3 was slightly underrated, but when the full-length assembly cut finally ended up on DVD the movie at last had a chance to be seen in a way that showcased its full potential. It's still imperfect, but nowhere near deserving of the contemptuous dismissal fans of the series heaped upon the movie when it came out in 1992. More of the characters are actually developed (including a lot of the prisoners, who in the theatrical cut were just alien food), and the movie finally managed to convey the themes that the theatrical version only hinted at — to wit (and this is fairly interesting from a religious perspective), that Alien 3 is a passion play, with Ripley a messiah figure who sacrifices herself at the end to save humanity from evil. (The religious fundamentalism practiced by the prisoners also helps to build upon that theme, especially in the way one of them, Golic, decides to worship the alien and free it from captivity, in a fantastic scene whose deletion from the theatrical version is more proof of the pure stupidity of Hollywood studio executives.) Seriously, if you always thought Alien 3 sucked you owe it to yourself to see the longer version, which is on the double-disc DVD.

As for Resurrection, yeah, that was basically just a franchise killer.
I thought the Matrix was really good - it was actually the film that convinced me that I wasn't a Christian anymore. I also like the original Planet of the Apes. Both the 1950s and 1979 versions of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers were good. I like the 5th Element too.




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