One of my favorite genres that Hollywood just can't seem to do right. Although they're making a Mutant Chronicals film that looks promising. Nothing Sci-Fi has yet to top the Original Star Wars Trilogy in my book.. nostalgia is a powerful force indeed.

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I like the original Planet of the Apes. I know it's some sort of sacrilege but I've never seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The Matrix Trilogy fell apart a bit at the end for me, just kind of anticlimactic, although it's very "anime" in its ending style.
The original Planet of the Apes is a classic, with a interesting and original musical score, as well (good old Jerry Goldsmith!), which is more than can be said for the remake.

For me, the Matrix trilogy fell apart a bit in the middle. I prefer to ignore the second and third films and treat the Matrix as a stand-alone.
I was really disappointed in the second Matrix movie, and I only got half-way through it. I never saw the third. Ever since then, my family and I have also treated The Matrix as a stand-alone.
Stargate really disappointed me with its latest movie but then again I think they should'nt have eleminated the Goa'uld as they did. I always wanted to see them actually invade earth and see what happens. They could have had a few seasons of it just on the Earth rebelion. The same goes for the Ori as well. Anyways I havn't seen a really good sci fi or any other movie in a while other than Iron Man which was pretty good.
I agree about Blade Runner. It's one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies, but it has to be the DVD version without the goofy voice-over.
I'm a much bigger fan of harder sci-fi movies than your Star Wars/Dune types (though I absolutely love both on their own merits), that are really more fantasy than science fiction. Movies like Blade Runner, Primer, Children Of Men, Pi, Delicatessen, and let's not forget Gattaca, provide much more interesting ideas and concepts.

Then again, there are a variety of sub-genres in sci-fi, and like anything, people have their preferences. I guess I tend towards post-apoc and cyberpunk type films. Blurring the lines of what it means to be human and all that.

And as much flak as it receives, I adore Starship Troopers, as it some seriously great satire.
Heh, I have a weak spot for Galaxy Quest, and it's more the fault of Alan Rickman than anythying done by Tim Allen...

"By Grabthar's Hammer.... what a savings."
Oh, Galaxy Quest is awesome
If you go back a few years, there's always Forbidden Planet (with all the lovely beep-beep music). It's hilarious to look at how the writers, who knew nothing of the computer revolution or of women's lib, saw the future. Even so, if you can get over the silliness of seeing Leslie Neilsen as the romantic lead, the story is quite excellent. It's a classic.
It is uncomfortable watching Leslie Neilsen as the serious lead, you keep waiting for him to do or say something stupid (especially since his comedy characters are usually played deadpan), but I really like the story, and the atmosphere.
Hollywood does occasionally make a good science fiction movie. Some of my fairly recent favorites:

Minority Report, Paycheck, I Robot, The Island, and Equilibrium.

The problem I see with many sci-fi movies is their common theme. Many of them are quite anti-science. They portray scientists as highly intelligent but unwise and sometimes dangerously unstable. It's the mad scientist syndrome over and over again. In these movies the world is eventually saved, but not by a scientist. It is saved by an idealist Dirty Harry type - a man of action. Most of the movies in the above list fit that category. I love the stories, but I wish that someone in Hollywood would occasionally show a Dirty-Harry-man-of-action destroying the world and a scientist coming to the rescue.
By the way, would anyone consider The Prestige to be science fiction? After all, without its futuristic science and technology, much of the story would have been lost. And the end wouldn't have had its shock value.

I loved The Prestige.



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