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As the parent of a young child i don't get out to see a heap of films but in the past couple weeks I did get the chance to see both The Dark Knight and Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

Both are great films, and while both are based on comics they are very different movies.

The Dark Knight - If you need to be told about this film I am sad to inform you that you've been living under a rock...

Hellboy II - Dispensing with backstory this movie dives right into Hellboy stomping supernatural baddies within the first fifteen minutes or so. The story is a lot of fun, and focuses on Hellboy accepting his place in the world. There's some very touching moments. The only think I missed was David Hyde Pierce no longer supplies the voice of Abe Sapien.
I never commented on your contentment whilst living under said rock...
Only because my rock is bigger, with a higher quartz content... your envy is palpable...
I liked Wall-E.
Then again, I can't think of a Pixar movie I didn't like (Cars is still my favorite, though).
I think Ratatouille is my favorite Pixar film (but then I used to be a cook)... I need to see Wall-E.
For almost 4 years I drove a semi with my husband, which is probably why I liked Cars so much. The scenes of trucks on the highway really cracked me up. They're hilarious. My husband nearly rolled out of his seat.

Plus, I loved the homage to Steve McQueen, who besides being an actor was also an avid race-car driver. There's more to the homage, however, than just naming the main character Lightening McQueen. If you ever saw the movie The Great Escape, you'll remember the famous scene where Steve McQueen's character is trying to escape from the Nazis by tearing across the countryside in a stolen motorcycle. He leads his pursuers on a merry chase but finally gets caught after becoming entangled in barbed wire. A parallel scene occurs in Cars to Lightening McQueen. Cool!

Those Pixar guys (and girls) sure know how to keep an audience entertained.


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