2 of my favourite films of all time are:
The Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky - Russian)
The Mirror (also Andrei Tarkovsky - Russian)

2 interesting dark comedies are:
The Bothersome Man (Norwegian)
Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself (Danish)

I quite liked
The Lives Of Others (German) drama
Russian Arc (Alexander Sokurov - Russian) drama
The Piano Teacher (French) drama

Just recently I saw Happy Go Lucky (Mike Leigh - English) which I thought was brilliant.

others I enjoyed include:

The Marriage Of Maria Braun (Rainer Werner Fassbinder - German)

Murmur Of The Heart (Louis Malle - French)

I thought The Fall (Bulgarian) was an interesting film

I enjoyed The Tunnel (German)
Let the Right One In (Swedish)

and I thought Elling (Norwegian) was a sweet film

more to come...

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Thanks. I'll print this list out and add it to my pile. Too many books, too many movies, not enought time...
Tarkovsky is brilliant. Sadly, I haven't seen many of his films.

Russian Ark was brilliant. It did something to my brain watching it, I don't know that I can fully describe it. Watching the film was like being in a waking dream.
I'm going to copy down all the films you listed and look them up. I've watched very few foreign films since I took a film class in college, and have to admit I know nothing much about foreign directors. Hopefully, I'll be able to order some of these off Netflix. Must say, I think that movie service is the best, thought I never have time to watch the movies I order quick enough. Wish I didnt' need to sleep, I'd watch movies all night. : )
I am pretty sure you can get them all through Netflix. Enjoy!
LTROI is phenomenal. Best vampire movie ever. The two main actors are phenomenal, especially for children.


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