Wow. What an amazing film, one of the Coen Brothers best, and that is saying a lot. Apparently this grew out of an idea for a scene involved a stoned kid at his bar mitzvah (which is in the movie, and is very, very funny) and just grew from there into a meditation on suffering.

This film is deeply concerned with religion, and one of the themes that I think it drives home very well is that religious explanations for suffering are seriously lacking. The film can be seen as a modern re-telling of the Book of Job.

My review is here:

No spoilers in it, though I do discuss what I think the film is trying to say - this would be a very hard film to "spoil" - knowing what happens at the end would not really impact it. I don't think of it as a plot driven film.

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Thanks for posting SA. I'll add this to my list.
I was extremely, I mean to an extreme, bored by this movie, for me it was the worst of the brother's films. Just bored, and not impressed with the religion treatment either. I haven't read statistics for atheists liking it or disliking it, but from the religionists' side of things, more are liking it than disliking it. There's laughing subtly, and then there's just way too subtle. I think when someone is "that" subtle, they're trying to not step on toes... That was my take, sorry to contradict :) I usually love them.
I finished watching this last night. All and all I was pretty disappointed with it. Interesting scenes, but jumbled up story line. IMO, the Coen brothers are just not good storytellers.




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