I absolutely love this film, even with its blemishes and quirks. It delivers a huge emotional gut-punch and frames a number of important questions in a way that only sci-fi can do.

I also consider it the most atheistic film I've ever seen; a parable of the Problem of Evil, an indictment of faith-based thinking. I have written a short analysis of it, that can be found here:


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I'm in season 2 which isn't as good as the first, though still very enjoyable. All the best songs are in season 1
I realize that Spielberg took over when he died, and that it's heretical to say so, but I'm starting to think that Kubrick is overrated. I found AI to be nonsensical pretty much from the get-go. What kind of parent would want an eternal child? A child that doesn't grow up or grow old is deeply disturbing. A person's humanity is vested in their growth. A parent that would sign up for a permanent 8-year-old (or 10, or whatever) has serious psychological problems to begin with. Real-life parents who have children with developmental problems that trap them in mental or emotional childhood suffer enormously because of it, no matter how much they see their developmentally disabled children as blessings.

A robot manufacturer who would sell such a "product" would be reprehensible and heartily opposed by most people. (The Truman Show suffers from the same defect--nobody would watch a show knowing that the main character was actually an unwitting slave.) From early in the film, I found it extremely unlikely that anybody would purchase such a replacement child, or be accepted by society if they did. I don't recall these themes being explored at all in the movie, much less raised as the huge stumbling blocks they would actually be. Sure, the robot boy struggled with acceptance, but that really misses the more important issues. I don't know how much of the shallowness of AI was Spielberg's doing, but it's hard to believe that this central flaw wasn't always present in the story.

And of course, no robot with a functional mouth and esophagus would be built with the esophagus simply dumping out into the electronic circuitry. That's just stupid design. That's like building a robot with a bomb in it, and telling the robot to never set it off. Shit happens. Good design anticipates that. I laughed out loud at the stupidity of that scene.




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