Brilliant "new" Herzog ... My Son, My son and narration in Plastic Bag

My son, my son, What have ye done is based on the true story of a talented theatre actor who goes mad and slays his mother while practicing Orestes. Herzog is so brilliant at finding the poetry/richness/value in all aspects of life. The story of a young man dominated by his mother and religion, who survives the death of his friends to a river and loses his mind.

As usual Herzog hits us straight in those dark inexplicable reaches of the human psyche.

I rented this on DVD and was as per usual entranced by Herzog's presentation of the making of. I always enjoying listening to the 'real' him, he has such insight on life.

Additionally the DVD allowed me to discover the enchanting short film Plastic Bag. A truly illuminated vision of a sentient plastic bag as it goes through the course of its existence, searching for its heaven "the Vortex" (Pacific Ocean Plastic Vortex). Herzog narrates this with his incredibly complex voice.

-- I still have hope that I will meet her again, and if I do, I would tell her just one thing: "I wish you had created me so that I could die". Watch it here on You Tube

Infinite life should be no one's goal for how can we value life if it is endless? Death is what defines us all for it bookends our existence.

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You might like Herzog's mockumentary, Incident at Loch Ness.  Funny stuff.
That's unfortunately my least liked film by Hertzog!




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