When the voters of California decided to make legal same sex marriage in that state, they put a ballot initiative ("proposition") in action and obtained a majority of voters to make it happen.  Immediately, upon its passage into law, gay and lesbian couples flocked to courthouses, obtained marriage licenses, and had their vows solumnised by, e.g. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome.  But the joy the couples felt was short-lived.  In reaction to the new law, the Mormon Church, representing only 2% of the electorate, sought out "pro-family" political action groups such as the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), to which Mitt Romney contributed ten grand, and which, along with other bigoted organizations, willingly became a front coalition to hide the fact that almost all of the money behind Proposition 8 came from the Church of the Latter-Day Halfwits.  The Mormons' sneaky, underhanded participation in this denial of human rights is the subject of a fine documentary, 8: The Mormon Proposition, which you can stream online at the following url: https://123vidz.com/pages/flowplayer?a_aid=4dd3eee6d1d03&a_bid=...

No matter what your sexual orientation or your opinion of marriage equality, you will hopefully enjoy seeing just how sinister and mean-spirited Mormons are. The movie shows how the "Twelve Apostles" (church fathers at the top of the Ponzi Scheme) brow beat their congregants into contributing vast sums of money to obtain a slight majority of voters to push Prop 8 through. In one incredible scene, for example, a Mormon family with five male children withdrew their life savings of $50K and sent it to the coalition.  (Although they are not seen in the film, Tony Perkins' Family Research Council almost went bankrupt funding their own drive to deprive sexual minorities of rights enjoyed by heterosexuals.)  A particularly dismal sequence depicts the McCarthy-like pogroms against gay students at Brigham Young University, whose administration asked the entire student body to seek "out" classmates (pun intended) and turn them in so that behavior modification techniques -- read: torture -- could be employed to force them into admitting they were gay or face expulsion.  The most incredible sequence, however, shows bigoted Utah legislator Chris “Strom” Buttars (guess where he got the nick?), a physically repulsive homophobe of unbelievable nastiness and cruelty confront a gay activist with snarly snarking replies to questions about equality.

The prime minister of England knew exactly what he was talking about when he commented on Romney's Salt Lake Olympics and, comparing them to London's, referred to the former as sporting events "in the middle of nowhere."  Religion poisons everything, and this documentary proves it again and again.

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Cracking movie. Very revealing how money wields more power than common sense and the untarnished majority vote.

We need a better system - the whole world does.

I haven't seen 8: The Mormon Proposition, but I have seen Hollywood's rebuttal to the mor(m)on's dastardly actions:

and it is nothing short of BRILLIANT.

Thanks for the embed, Loren.




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