Just curious as to what movies people like from Japan. I'm particularly interested in the live action stuff as opposed to the anime.

Here are some of mine
Fudoh the next generation
Machine Girl
Battle Royale

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Open your eyes was remade into Vanilla sky. The original is better, however the storyline is very closely replicated with just a few changes. If you didn't like vanilla sky you probably wont like open your eyes.
Never seen Vanilla Sky, though I have run across the title so many times. I'll add it to my running list. So many movies, so little time. Just watched Chushingura again this week, and for the firt time, The Dark Knight and The Happening this week as well. Have the Japanese films Gate of Flesh, The Pornographers, and Red Beard to watch this weekend.
Forgot to mention I also saw Death Note (live action) the other week. Death Note is a film about this guy in Japan who finds this notebook. The instructions at the front of the note book explain that how if he writes the name of a person in the book and thinks about them, they will die. If he writes how they die within 40 seconds of writing their name, then that will be how the person dies. At first the protagonist starts to use the book to kill off all the undesirables of society but soon the police turns its attention to him. Great film, not brilliant but worth a watch. Doesn't quite live up to the hype.
Thanks. Just requested Death Note from the library.
"Waking Life" was really interesting to watch and had wonderful moments. It's also neat to view in relationship to Linklater's earlier film Slacker, which has parallels in the storyline.
Waking Life also shares a close link to the Before Sunrise/Sunset films.
I'll have to check those out, they both have high ratings on imdb.
David Lynch films are poetic and visual, they don't necessarily "make sense" in a conventional way - although they do have narratives that are apparent enough.

I really liked both Eraserhead and Mulholland Dr.
Sorry George, but I couldn't stand Mulholland Dr. I was so pissed after watching that.
What made you angry about it?

The main thing I didn't like was what appeared to be negative stereotyping of lesbians (the suicide at the end)
I'm not aware of any stereotype that suggests lesbians are more prone to suicidal behaviour than anyone else. If such a stereotype exists I've never heard of it. If figures showed that lesbians were at greater risk of suicide then I imagine there would be reasons for that such as greater difficulties feeling accepted.

I suppose you could argue it feeds into the stereotype that all lesbians are feminine, with slim bodies etc. The thing is that some lesbians do fit that stereotype.
I'm not sure where I first heard about it, but there is an old literary trope involving the tragic / suicidal lesbian love story, in which one of the lovers dies before the end of the story. The living partner generally ends up in a heterosexual relationship. See the "Roxy" character from Basic Instinct.

On TVTropes.com, "Dead Lesbian Syndrome" is a subset of the "Bury Your Gays" cliche.

Real-world suicide rates of course have nothing to do with it, it's used as a way of stigmatizing same-sex relationships.


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