Just curious as to what movies people like from Japan. I'm particularly interested in the live action stuff as opposed to the anime.

Here are some of mine
Fudoh the next generation
Machine Girl
Battle Royale

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@Justin: There is an age old stereotype that homosexuals commit suicide because they are so appalled at their own lifestyle that they can never be happy.
What made you angry about it?

I just thought it was stupid and incoherent. That is not to say that I am against that which is bizarre, other-worldly, or contains a mixing of realities or non-realities in film or art. It is just that I thought it seemed pointless and confusing. The fundamental raison d'etre of writing, art, film, or photography is communication. Watching his films is like reading an author who can't write a complete sentence or use punctuation correctly. Not to say they can't be innovative with language or punctuation, the way Anthony Burgess or Kathy Acker have been, but they have to have some grasp on the standard rules in order to break them.

Take Picasso for example. If you didn't know his history, or the history of painting (and by extension, that of photography), you might think he was just a bad painter. But in context of that history, one can relatively easily "get Picasso" and what he was doing with Cubism. That is different from someone like, let's say, Jackson Pollack, who IMO had no talent whatsoever.
Well, I watched Zatoichi this weekend. It was okay, but I did not like that the blood and injuries were all CGI generated. It was not as intelligent as older films along the same lines, I don't think. But it was not terrible. Also rewatched Sword of the Beast, and I think I liked that one better this time around. Also watched Ringu for the first time. The American version copied the Japanese original pretty closely, but I am not sure if I like one better than the other.

I also have Kill! and Drunken Angel to watch this weekend.

Just watched Kill! (image above) this past weekend, which I liked very much. It was a light comedy/drama about samurais. And also watched Deathnote, which I did not like at all. Perhaps if I were a teen I might like it, but I was pretty disappointed. Though it is a neat concept. I wouldn't mind having a book like that myself. Also finished Drunken Angel (image below), which was okay, but not my favorite Kurosawa film.

I have Uzumaki on request from the library, and should be in today or tomorrow, I hope.

Tampopo, one of my top 10 films of all times...

Unagi "The Eel" was also a memorable one for me.

Also worth mentioning, not that it's even near Japan's greatest, but, it sure was eons ahead of it's USA remake, was "Shall we dance". The contextual reality of the Japanese work and life ethos is so completely removed from the experience of same in the USA... And the acting was beyond reproach.
I don't think I have any interest in Tampopo, but Unagi looks like it might be good. Thanks.




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