Anyone else a fan of David Lynch and David Cronenburg?

I didn't really care for Lost Highway because to me it just didn't make a lick of sense. I didn't like Eraserhead either just because it may be even too disgusting and weird for me. And Twin Peaks was the awesomeness!

As for Cronenburg I haven't seen absolutely everything by the man but everything I have seen was great. On Scanners the acting was really really bad but the filck on the whole was great.

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I like David Lynch. His films feel a lot like being stuck in a dream - or a nightmare. The narrative is completely skewed but, while you're watching it, it makes completes sense. Eraserhead is an... experience and one that I plan on treating myself to again very soon now that my digitally remastered DVD has turned up. That said, Blue Velvet is probably still his high point for me.

Cronenberg is also an incredible director. He seems to have toned down the body horror a bit in his more recent films (such as A History of Violence. I haven't seen Eastern Promises yet) but is still one of the most intelligent directors working today. His older stiff, especially, is quite mind expanding.




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