My favourite movie genre: documentaries.

I've never been much for fantasies. I've had all my sexual ones already, and I prefer other's imaginations over my own!

Food Inc was great. I liked that it did not focus solely on the "chemicals are bad for you aspect" which it could have. I felt it gave a very good analysis of the impact of agribusiness and monocultures on our culture, on our economy, on our ecology and global capacity to deal with unpredictables. It does not contain much new for the very involved, but it does make some very strong points against the oligarchy that our food manufacturers have become, and how "anti-free-market" they really are. In light of the recent 56 label food recall, it all fits very nicely.

Capitalism surprised me, though it shouldn't have. I really really like Michael Moore films. But I can see the points haters criticise: his talent at taking facts and putting them in new contexts. Haters really hate that ability. I love that ability. For me the ability to think horizontally, to have eyes and ears open to the entire range of facts and information we daily glean our information from, is a very very rare talent indeed. You might think, anti-capitalism, bla bla bla, what more could be said, haven't we heard it all before. But no, Moore manages to pinpoint tell tale problem spots and uses them to paint a fresco of all that is wrong with our system. He is a great story teller, and that is a talent I'd love to have. I was slightly surprised at his references to religious values, in a couple of instances. But then again, his take on catholicism is the way it was taught to me, meekness, kindness, generosity, caring, forgiveness, and complete absence of old testament, strictly the positivist "teachings" of the fable "Jesus" and some catechism, total tolerance, no issues with science. And where I'm from, not so many little boy scandals. But that might just be because sex has always been a very open topic in Québec.

Highly recommend both.

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First off, I'm no hater. Second, I'm a very proud Liberal, and I'm not a fan of an unregulated free market at all.

I don't think Michael Moore does a good job getting across his message. I think his message is very good and very strong, but I wonder about his ability to get it across. I think he relies on sensationalism, which makes him and his stuff a very easy target for so-called "haters".

I do agree with his message, but I think he could do a better job getting it across.
I see the powers that be using sensationalism every day. IMO, our muliti-media culture 'requires' a degree of sensationalism to even have a chance of fighting the system and capture an audience's attention. Small meek changes to do not work. We need a global overhaul and it's worth using every mean available to us.

If he was not sensationalist, he'd be boring and no one would listen to him, he'd just be some fat guy with opinions. His sense of storytelling is what differentiates his message from the fodder.

'Out' atheists also attract haters from the religious side. The ResErection light switch plate in my home withe erecting penis is sensationalist too. It captures the imagination, and to me that's a good thing. Most atheist posters, T-shirts, mugs... are sensationalist also.

He elicits big responses, from both sides. I'd rather that over small responses from each side.
Meh, good point. Admittedly, I need to watch more of his stuff. I think I may be "tainted" by media profiles of him, you know?
I think Obama was elected in part through Moore's work. I am saddened and frustrated to no end, as an outsider, that Obama chose the 'moral high ground' of trying to be bi-partisan instead of ramming his ideas through congress early on in his mandate when he had huge support from the masses (as all good Republicans do). I fear he will not survive his first term.

Moore to me is kinda like Ralph Nader was 25 years ago, but with a better sense of humour. The honest man in the public sphere. I also enjoyed his book "Stupid White Men", what a joy to read.

Liberals' tendency to choose the moral high ground is what keeps our countries down and driven by greed. The greedy don't give a damn about moral high ground. They own the corporations and they rule the world, to beat them, you either play their game or take them out... I'm no fan of Ghandi, look what a mess India is socially. He may have kicked the Brits out, but he did not improve the country.
I'm no fan of Ghandi, look what a mess India is socially. He may have kicked the Brits out, but he did not improve the country.

Huh, between independence and his assassination, he had only about 6 months to change a country the size of India. Quite a daunting task in my book.
I'll give that one to you :)
And add that the task of 'changing' the USA is even more daunting

What if a couple of decades down the road we think of Moore as a modern USA version of Ghandi :), someone who helped bring about necessary changes! ;)
I have not yet seen either of these, though they are on my mental list. Thanks for posting.




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