I won't ask for the "worst" movie, as the list would be endless. But, which movie were you really expecting to be great... but didn't deliver?

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I very much enjoyed Winter's Bone!
I'm gonna get skinned on this one... but "There Will be Blood," aside from awesome cinematography and good performances, didn't do much for me.
Yeah, I thought that too - it was very much, "oh, was that it..." moment.

I was going to jokingly add Deep Throat, but figured that I really should think on this one:

"The Lovely Bones"

What complete waste of 2 hours... but that's only one of several.
LOL... expectations for pornos are pretty low anyway, but "Behind the Green Door" ... total let down... LMAO :-D
you gotta go interracial... :P
Funny, I fell asleep in it, which is the ultimate signature of a movie I dislike!
I think I lost consciousness too... lol
Colin Farrell's New World, that's the one I've most wanted to scream at!
I'd have to say "Let the right one in". Not because the movie was bad but because I saw the dubbed version. Complete let down.
I loved "Open Water" specifically because of the huge let down at the very end of the movie. I know, I'm a little twisted that way lol.

The whole movie was about this man and wife abandoned by their scuba diving cruise boat. The suspense was incredible!

I was watching it with my best friend (I had already seen it before) and I kept telling her about the awesome ending. When she saw the ending she wanted to beat me up. She said the way it ended ruined the whole movie for her lol. She was assuming my enthusiasm about the ending meant it was going to be a good ending - NOT. lol
Okay, I have to say "The Road" was a total disappointment for me. I had seen the trailer and was really excited about checking it out. I read a bunch of good reviews, told my wife about it, was all psyched up, and then...The whole thing was grey, dreary, boring, with the occasional "papa, papa" which was annoying because you would think that since the kid was born in a post-apocalyptic he would know better and keep quiet because of cannibals. It was just an incredible waste of time. I had too many questions that were never answered such as: what happened to the world? Why would you head for a beach if there weren't any animals and barely any water? And how could you travel with no food and barely any water? My wife rolled her eyes and kept mumbling how boring it was and fell asleep. I kept watching and hoping it would get better. But it didn't. I watched all the way until the end and wished the boy had been eaten...
500 days of summer. The critics raved...my friends all told me to see it, but even for a ROM/COM this was a complete and utter waste of film. I honestly only sat through to the end because it had Zooey Deschanel(I didn't look up the spelling here) who I really liked in Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.

Please don't watch this movie, or do it if you intend to make out the whole time and ignore the movie anyway, watch it on mute.




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