I won't ask for the "worst" movie, as the list would be endless. But, which movie were you really expecting to be great... but didn't deliver?

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I'm with you, I watched "Open Water" twice in a row. Did you see part two?

No, I did not know there was a part 2. I looked it up on-line just now and it looks BRUTAL. B.R.U.T.A.L.

Gotta see it!
Ah damn. I checked the Blockbuster kiosk rental on-line list and it was not there!

Hmm, I wonder if they have it at the Blockbuster store?

I'm gonna go check. It would cost a lot more but probably worth it.
the star trek remake.


just bought a brand-new movie out of china about confucius. the opening scenes were very good, the rest was basically hero worship. very well performed, but didn't do much for me.
Chutney Popcorn was a pretty disappointing movie.
That third "Pirates of the Caribbean" was a drag. I slept through most of it... Also, that movie where the vampires "sparkle" instead of biting people sucked pretty badly too  ;-)
You expected Twilight to be good? I haven't seen it but I've heard it sucked...I sort of want to have a Twilight Ridicule Marathon!
Twilight did not pass my "sleep test." You have to try really hard to make vampires boring...
i find that you have to try really hard to make vampires interesting...
and of course, you've seen every vampire related/themed movie ever then, Egan... there is a massive range and far too many to fit into a single category.
i haven't seen one that was worth watching that wasn't made by mel brooks, that's all i'm saying. no need to be so damned defensive. calm down, have some tea, relax. breathe.... breathe...

     Im going to say this and hope no one kills me for having expected Sucker Punch to be good. Seriously I saw the trailers and thought it would actually have an engaging story line....but sadly it ended up as a wonderfully  explosive fiasco. 

I felt sick to my stomach after hearing Emily Browning's cover of "where is my mind"- wtf zack snyder?


other than that it was pretty good, I mean who dosnt want to watch hot girls kicking ass? Still, in the end it felt empty and confusing


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