Absolutely brilliant - or absolute disaster?

Spoiler Warning

Screen Rant has some interesting discussions - particularly the spoilers - and I expect that we'll get spoilers here so if you haven't see it yet, please, please don't join in until you have.

For me I went in expecting to be awed and came out wanting to strangle the screenwriter with his own entrails.

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"alternate" theories to the beginnings of humans are bound to be ridiculous!

I didn't pick that up from the trailer. Just that there were aliens out that who visited us - which I have to admit, seemed like a bit of weak point, but I was prepared to put that aside.


The entrance fee (about US$16) might be fiddling small change to Ridley, but it's my entire entertainment budget for several weeks; so as you may imagine, I was a little cross.

Agreed. 14 people including me went from work. Unanimous upon exit was it was alright - but what the blue hell was up with the plot???

Yeah, pretty much the same here. I know a lot of critics are either being Scott apologists (though god only knows why) or perhaps wowed by the visual effects.

Beyond those... I'm at a loss.

I saw the trailer on You Tube and suspected it might be as your comments have expressed.  Guess I'll wait for it to come out on Netflix. ;)

Here is an article that helps to explain what went wrong. This movie wasn't so much bad as it was just completely baffling.





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