The lion has roared: Bigelow's existential "Hurt Locker" beat out James Cameron's "$300 Million in Special Effects in 3-D" for the Best Film at the British Academy Awards.  Sensible Brits, they even gave Best Actor to Colin Firth for his playing of a homosexual school teacher in mid-life crisis in Christopher Isherwood's equally existential tale of "A Single Man."  (I wonder if my first paperback edition will increase in value now?)  Finally, they gave a special award to a Real Lady, Vanessa Redgrave, who bore the slings and arrows of outrageous Israeli lobbyists when she used her Oscar bully pulpit to denounce that nation's then-refusal to deal with the Palestinians in any way, shape, or form.  (No doubt, they were doing it sub rosa all along, and to no avail.)  Once again, Vanessa stole the show.

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Sounds like it was an all around fiesta!

Although I agree that no acting trophies are due Avatar in any way shape or form, I must disagree with the special effects award, 'rubish' that was pure anti-Americanism!

I watched Hurt Locker just last week and the special effects simply did not touch me in the least. Avatar on the other hand, with regards to special effects, was a complete package.

I add a small additional sensory point here: I am one of the fools who always sits WAY up front in theatres and anytime the special effects are the least bit cheap on high resolution, I can actually see the grain or prixellation, depending on the medium. I was in the front row at Avatar, twice, and there was not a tweak of either graininess or pixellation, that was the closer for me. Top notch effects not only from a technical standpoint but from a creative standpoint. Those will be remembered. The Hurt Locker, this will disappear from memory by next year...
Voila! You make my point: "Hurt Locker" does not depend on $300 worth of special effects to be a good movie. It is more in the way it is acted, photographed, and edited. It is real, "Avatar" fantasy. I think you are quite wrong. I believe "Hurt Locker" has legs in movie history. I think it is "Avatar" that will be forgotten, just as "Titanic" was.
I have not seen "The Hurt Locker" yet, as it hasn't come to Cleveland ... but I WANT to. "Avatar" certainly was a technical triumph, and I have little doubt but that it will garner the majority if not all the technical awards, much as "Star Wars" did 30 years ago, but Best Picture? GET SERIOUS!
Avatar is a technically superb movie - Cameron's best in this regard - but Cameron did little of the actual work. It's Dances With Wolves in space and if anything, nothing like as good as that. The dialog is stilted and the story is cliched, predictable and overlong.

Hurt Locker - now that IS Best Picture and Best Director material if ever I saw it.

But will the Academy give BP to a WOMAN?? I'm not holding my breath.
Let it be noted ... Cameron is cheering for his ex!
Did you note that he looked aside to his new companion and they smiled when the movie won Best Director but that he was clearly aghast, p.o.'d when he lost Best Picture? Hey, it's hitting the guy in the pocket book. He probably invested all of his "Titanic" profits in the new film and has many of the points. Given the W.W. box office -- so far -- he probably will walk away with as much money as the effects cost ($300M). Maybe he will film "The Unanswered Question" next time and tell us if there is a god.
Hey! I did not make your point at all! :)
I am so very happy for Katheryn Bigelow. Not only did i love Hurt Locker, but I kind of grew up i film with Kathryn's work. I remember seeing The Loveless, when first came to VHS. A wonderful film I highly recommend to all. It has the honor of being Willem DaFoe's first feature also.




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