The Fourth Kind is ostensibly a dramatized documentary about Nome Alaska and alien abductions which are claimed to have happened by a woman who practiced psychology there.

It was kind of boring at the beginning but later, if you allow, it becomes watchable after the plot begins to unfold. This movie is probably only fun if you believe the "actual footage" shown is real. It is not real though. I think it's another Blair Witch Project type movie.

I wanted to comment freely on the subject matter because it inserts god into the plot. This is not a movie review but a commentary.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Over the course of the movie we are introduced to the aliens by recordings of interviews with the woman psychologists patients, all of whom independently report visitations from an owl outside. Later, during hypnosis, the patients reveal that it isn't really an owl but, apparently, that is an implanted memory and then they describe something outside their bedroom door which is entering and then they become hysterical and terrified. After being reawakened the patients are too distraught to describe what they actually experienced. Later, one of the patients shoots his family and then himself with the police and the psychologist outside his house. Suicide is common in Nome.

While recording thoughts about this case the psychologist falls asleep and then later asks her secretary to transcribe the recording. The secretary discovers, at the end of the tape after she has stopped talking, heavy breathing noises and then the voice of the psychologist screaming in terror followed by an inhuman voice speaking an unrecognizable language which later turns out to be ancient Sumerian. The doctor consults with an expert in ancient Sumerian who then arrives on the scene. He describes ancient artifacts having rocket ship shaped symbols and states that Sumerian is the oldest known human language, subtly implying that it is the first and that it is no coincidence that aliens would speak it. Another patient is hypnotized and he becomes terrified and then, apparently, possessed and begins levitating and speaking Sumerian which is translated by the expert. The translations are incomplete but suggest that the alien speaking through him claims to be god and has been conducting tests. After the incident the man is paralyzed due to physical trauma to his spine.

The movie doesn't end there but little else of note is revealed. It is implied that aliens were visible to the authors of Sumerian myth and spoke the same language. Statistics are given about the number of ufo sightings and claims implying that aliens have always been present. At one point the doctor is asked if she believes the voice is that of God and she responds, in predictable judeo-christian woo fashion, that the voice wanted her to think that it was God but didn't seem to have the power of a god or the benevolent nature, implying that it was Satan or perhaps just an evil alien.

The Sumerian language was also explored in Youth Without Youth (2007) by a linguist who hopes to find a pre-Sumer proto-language and has supernatural means of doing so. The mythology of the Sumerians is also very conducive to implying the involvement of aliens acting as gods. The creator was described as a group of 4 gods if memory serves. In any case, anyone with even a cursory knowledge of scientific data would not be compelled by the implications made in this movie but it could seem plausible to others.

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In reality I think this stuff is nonsense, but in fiction and movies, I kind of like it. Just like with ghost and demon and monster flicks. Thanks for posting. I placed a request for it at the library, but there are 166 people in front of me.
*** Spoiler Alert ***

We just finished watching this and even though it ended with Abbey not being able to accept her husband's suicide and with her daughter being abducted, we think the following made more sense for what really happened.

Will, her husband, was sexually abusing Ashley, his daughter. Abbey, Will's wife, found out and killed him while he was sleeping. Ashley found out about what was believed to be her father's suicide, so she faked her blindness out of guilt. Abbey was not able to live with the fact that she murdered her husband and blamed her daughter, so she killed her and hid the body.

Now I know there are holes with this ending, i.e. the footage with people floating in the air and everyone on their way to becoming a quadriplegic, I still think it was better than the original movie.

The one thing I thought was plausible was the fact that the aliens never took her son. He was a total pain in the ass and I wouldn't have abducted him either.
This movie was a better Blair Witch, it had suspense, and some good special effects. They spared us the face-cams (no drooling victims close-ups). My wife Googled Dr. Tyler and nothing, also she searched for the missing daughter and found nothing. The alien abduction, and creation myths were over-the-top, but it was a fun ride. kudos to cast and crew for a well done low budget movie--would make a great drive-in showing. It really plays on the urge to believe something more is out there, and that somehow we are special little snowflakes (lol). Oh, how did I forget the Government cover-up conspiracy, silly-man!


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