I recently watched The Stoning of Soraya M., a movie based on a true story about an Iranian village that tries and executes a woman by stoning for adultery. I don't want to write a review about the movie. I do want to express how it made me feel though. If left me with the most powerful feeling of horror, sadness, and anger that a movie has ever given me in my memory.

The stoning is depicted with very little attempt at shielding the audience from the brutality. Do not watch this with your children. But watch it. Much of the movie was spoken in Farsi with English subtitles so you get the full cultural effect.

I would recommend this movie for any adult but I think it will be especially appreciated by atheists.

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I think movies that bring us at the brink of our human tolerance are great learning experiences, emotionally speaking. For me one the harshest movies I've ever watched was «Once Were Warriors». I think I cried two or three hours after. I just had a real hard time picking myself up and dusting myself off after that one.

Other movies that gave me deep ache, well there are a few, but the most memorable ones are Equus, Antarctica, Magnolia, and more recently, Downloading Nancy and to a lesser degree Choke, oddly enough.

I don't pursue movies that are painful, I would not watch these over again, but I rank them very high at effectiveness.

I find that's often when the «7ième Art» is at it's best, when it informs on life, ours and other's.




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