As it comes to "atheist cinema," I seriously doubt you could get any more atheist than this:

To quote from The Unbelievers website:

'The Unbelievers' follows renowned scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss across the globe as they speak publicly about the importance of science and reason in the modern world - encouraging others to cast off antiquated religious and politically motivated approaches toward important current issues.

I've checked on the film.  All it says regarding a release date is "2013," nothing further than that.  Apparently there has been at least pre-release screening which was met very positively.

Also worthy of note is that there are guest appearances in The Unbelievers by a notable array of our more illustrious compatriots, including but not at all  limited to Woody Allen, Ricky Gervais, Bill Maher, Tim Minchen, and Sam Harris.

Frankly, it looks like a great deal of fun ... for US, anyway.  What the believers may think about it is left as an exercise for the student!

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More news!!!  The Unbelievers has secured a distributor: Content Media Corporation Ltd.  Specific plans for release of the film may be found in the following video:

Point being: progress is being made and the movie will be out (albeit in initially limited release) SOON!




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