Seems to me, that most people in here are from the states; so, I´d like to know, if Americans (`cause all the times it´s about DC, Marvel, Vertigo, aso) do have access to European Comic books ? There are some great ones, especially French and Belgian ones like Asterix, and they´re very popular among European people, and there´s no advertising in European books (only the strips), not just like the american ones (20 pages strips, 15-20 pages of advertisements). Could you get them in your local book-shop or retailer, or do you have to order them specially (if ever available) ?

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Replies to This Discussion in Austria and Germany, they´re sometimes used in school, `cause you can get them in a lot of foreign languages, as Latin, Historical Greek, and most living languages, and the pupils like them more to learn from than their regular books...
I've already pointed it out elsewhere in this group: Asterix was the collaborative work of Goscinny (script) and Uderzo (drawings). Since Goscinny's death in 1977, Uderzo assumed both roles, but he's nowhere near his friend's storytelling genius. Asterix in Belgium is the last book Uderzo worked on. Everything Uderzo made alone after this one is utter crap compared to anything the team did earlier.

And be aware that cultural references and puns abound in the Asterix comics. It's likely many of them will be lost in translation (it took me years to figure out some of them myself - I remember bursting in laughter when my mother sang an old popular song I'd never heard of: its main chorus line was altered in the comics to hilarious effect, but I missed it completely when I read it first).
I grew up on Astrix and Tin Tin long before I read mainstream comics. My dad owns a children's store, and both are sold in the book section.
Heh. In continental Europe, Asterix and especially Tintin are considered 'mainstream comics', while US superhero comics are considered 'fringe'.

According to French President Charles de Gaulle, “Tintin is my only international rival. Nobody notices, because of my height. We are both little fellows who won’t be got at by big fellows.”
I´d rather call US comics "mainstream" too, especially here in Austria...




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