well i can name one that i think is atheistic, preacher. in the story an unconventional preacher gets a power that acts like voice of god (commanding anyone to do anything) and this makes god leave his throne. i think it has an atheistic flare. so can you name any others? 

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the writer is garth ennis and i am not sure if he is a christian but i do not think that matters. i think you are wrong that it promotes god and christianity. because in the story god is seen by the protagonists as being a bastard and god has no redeaming value and gets killed at the end. also a christian church makes the decendants of jesus imbreed to keep the blood pure. which causes the last decendant, who they want to guide the human species, childish and stupid. which is not different from the bible belt christians today. ha! i do thank you for your response though. and i will check out Blankets.
In case of Comic-books published in the States I´d suggest "Spawn". If not atheistic on a first look (the main protagonist is a hellbourne anti-hero, encountering all varieties of demons, devils, angels aso), by giving it a deeper thought it might be called atheistic on a very high level, given the ways the characters are portrayed...
Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis and published by DC Vertigo is a good one with heavily atheistic overtones where religion is concerned. The 60 issue run is available as a series of graphic novels: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transmetropolitan

After having read A LOT of Garth Ennis's work, I'd think I have come to the conclusion that he is, if fact, an atheist. Also, according to http://www.celebatheists.com he is: http://www.celebatheists.com/index.php?title=Garth_Ennis
"Sandman" by Neil Gayman, in the States published by Vertigo, I guess...
It's hilarious because they live in a world where Mephisto and Hell exist.

A few months ago I read Grant Morrison's Animal Man series, in which the title character, after a suffering a series of Job-like tragedies, comes face to face with -- Grant Morrison.  Further, he learns that he is only a comic-book character and that not only has Morrison put him through hell, but Morrison can also put everything back the way it was and make him forget all the horrors he has gone through.  The catch, however, is that another writer may come along later, even many decades later, and put Animal Man through even worse hell!  In other words, in Animal Man's world, Morrison is only a god, not the god.

Even the serious funny books can up with amusing conundrums, where the only valid answer is, well, it's only make believe.  Of course, we atheists apply that to religion as well as to comic book and other forms of fantasy tale-spinning.

There's actually a comicbook hero called the Atheist written by Phil Hester. You can find more information about the character here: http://www.desperadopublishing.com/TITLES/Atheist.htm
If you don't mind a little shameless self promotion, I illustrate and cowrite a free online atheist webcomic. It's about two chefs going around the world finding mythical creatures (including deities) and cooking them up in a restaurant. The comic is NSFW. Most of the blatantly atheist issues are going to be in our upcoming second volume (starting in August of this year) but there's enough in the first volume for you to have a laugh and hopefully get an idea where it's going! Check it out at www.chefsinblack.com and add comments if you like it!




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