I admit I don't keep up with any storylines really, but I do know which characters I like. Who are some of your faves? Mine:

*Lobo. I just fin this guy to be hilarious. Killed off his own planet, just to be unique. kicked out of hell for taking over, kicked out of heaven for starting riots, eventually made immortal (lol), beat up Superman while half drunk.

*Earth 3 characters from the animated "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths". The 'Crime Syndicate' I thought were killer. It was such a novelty to see an  alternate universe versions of some of the characters. The 'good' Joker, and the evil Batman, Supe and W Woman were very interesting characters.

*Atrocitus and the Red Lantern Corps. Just the artwork alone of the Corps leader and group theme seem awesome to me,.

*Venom (back when he was with Eddie Brock). After reading Separation Anxiety a while back, I couldn't see anyone else as Venom. Venom was not just the suit, but the duo.

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Destiny, Death, Desire, Despair and Dream (and their brother Destruction too) from "Sandman"
The early "Spawn" (till issue 30 or so)
All five "Knights of the Dinner Table", especially B.A.
Fat Freddy from "The fabulous furry Freak Brothers"




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