Read about it here! Why aren't the newspapers writing about this, more people need to know! For those who do not recognize the style, it's a parody of the Chick tracts.

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We don´t have to fear some galactic guy with a fancy helmet, `cause we will destroy our planet much faster than he can feed on...or maybe we created today´s environmental problems only as a giant scheme of distraction for Galactus - or would you like to eat a pizza, which is rotten and smells foul ?
That makes sense! Could this mean that the climate change deniers are not as stupid as they seem? It might be the case that they are simply trying to save our planet by making sure it's too foul to attract the taste of mighty Galactus. Furthermore, does this mean that Al Gore is Galactus' latest herald, trying to purify the planet enough that his master can feed upon it? This looks like a story for FOX news! Just throw Obama into the conspiracy and we'll be able to sell it to them, or failing that, at least the tea baggers will be interested.
Worship Galactus.

When he comes you won't be saved, but you'll get to die first. thing is, we wouldn´t even have to defend on our own, as all the other intergalactic super-villains would come to our defense, to avoid being deprived of the prime target of their ruthless plans...
The Flying Spaghetti Monster will protect me from Galactus. RAmen!




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