Comics are known for superheroes. If you read or have read comics, you most likely had a few superhero titles in your pull list every week. Although I've slacked off on my comics due to financial reasons, I still read a few superhero titles, but I also have an affinity for some really great non-superhero stuff that's out there. If you don't read anything sans spandex, here are my suggestions:

Fables (Vertigo)

100 Bullets (Vertigo)

Scalped (Vertigo)

Ex Machina (Wildstorm)

Y: The Last Man (Vertigo)

Fell (Image)

Non superhero titles are many and various, but these are just a few that I'm attached to. If you have any you'd suggest that I didn't mention, post 'em!

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Yippie! Heavy Metal! That's what got me started reading comics seriously. Although why the US publishers chose to translate Métal Hurlant as Heavy Metal is beyond me. Doesn't Howling Metal sound better?

I have a question for you: in what way do you think Love & Rockets would be different if the Hernandez Bros were actually sisters? I've pondered this question for a long while, but never had an opportunity to ask a woman so far.
Heavy Metal was great when it was basically just translated reprints of Metal Hurlant. Then it went seriously downhill into juvenile geek porn. To be honest, I haven't looked inside of any of the new ones since probably 1995 - it may have gotten better, but I'd need convincing before bothering. It's last nail in the coffin was the appalling Heavy Metal 2000 film. But the golden age of Euro comics was really late 70's / early 80's (you can say the same about Euro exploitation cinema. Is there a connection ? Probably). The new stuff rarely cuts it for me.

Humanoids Publishing, the folks that own all the stuff, suck. Totally. The old material is not anthologised in any coherent form and is left to rot. What they do publish is outrageously expensive and has terrible distribution. It is criminal to let such a rich cultural legacy wither and be forgotten. Of course, the fans resort their own distribution -

Grab bag of Heavy Metal issues, 1977-2007 (+extra missing issues)

Metal Hurlant v2.0, 2002-2004, complete, English

CBR (comic book reader formats). Of course there are those that will squeal about "illicit" distribution. But fuck, how are you supposed to buy stuff they can't be bothered keeping in circulation ? So screw them.

Related notes -

The ultimate Moebius homage film - The 5th Element

The ultimate Caza homage film - Delicatessan

I believe both artists were involved with the films. Both films are superb.
I stopped reading Métal Hurlant when it was discontinued in the late 80s, no surprise its US clone had to rely on original material (can't give an opinion since I never read it). I never checked into its new incarnation. Maybe I'll give it a try.

I didn't see Heavy Metal 2000, I loved Delicatessen, I hated The 5th Element. There's no doubt to me the ultimate Moebius homage film is Dune (the Jodorowski version, not the Lynch disaster).
In the late 70´s and early 80´s we had a very great series of comic-books here, called U-COMIXpublished mainly by "Volksverlag" and written in German; they were featuring a lot of US and other underground comic-drawers, and I liked them very much...
...does anyone else know them ?
...not to mention "Ronin", or "Die Purpurnen Flüsse" (don´t know the English title), "Nightwatch" aso.
I wouldn´t exactly say, that European films can´t mess up with Holywood productions, only there´s usually not so much money behind...
I was a Marvel junkie as a kid into my early 20s (or circa 1970 to 1985).  Then I started getting into a variety of different titles, including some undergrounds and independents, including Zap, Cerebus and Love and Rockets.  Sandman was one of the last titles I collected regularly, although lately I have been getting the Fables collections.  I also recently read the collections of Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol --nominally a "superhero" series but certainly not a typical one!



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