I was an avid comic reader about five years ago. I'm a fan of all types (tights and capes, detective, western, zombie, etc.), but I haven't been reading books regularly during the last few years. I was looking for some suggestions of books I can or should start reading. Preferably titles with a good "jumping on" point so that I don't have to go broke picking up back issues/trades. I am a huge Green Lantern fan, but also enjoy Preacher, Atomic Robo (one I've kind of kept up with), Captain America...the list is too long to bother. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I really like The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman.  You can find all the back issues put together into a graphic novel.  The comic books were so popular that it has now been made into a TV series on AMC.
Thank you. That is definitely going to be on my list. I really enjoyed the TV series.
Thanks..I will check those out.  I remember really enjoying Gaiman's Sandman. That's worth a reread.




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