...the last few years a lot of films about comic heroes (spiderman, ironman, X-men aso) as well as other films based on comic books or novels (sin city, 300, V, aso) have been released. So, what´s your opinion ? Do you think, those movies are made well, can express the spirit of the comics they´re based on, or are they just hollywood produced shit to get as many money out of a thing as usual ? Or are some of them even better than the comic ?

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I like most of them on principle. If a movie is entertaining, I enjoy it. Even Spider-Man 3, for the most part, although I think they need to re-release it with the disco scene edited out. Granted, Venom could have and should have been way scarier. I also think it's a great way to show the general public how awesome comic characters can be, and that in turn is good for business within the comic industry, and publishers are always looking for ways to draw in new readers. Though I recently came across someone who didn't seem to know that Iron Man was a comic before it was a movie. Seriously???


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