The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters

I didn't know Communism, Hippie, or Environmentalism were religions....

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Slightly off topic, but still related... Has anyone noticed the correlation between the superman and the jesus characters:

Both sent to earth by their fathers to save the world from ourselves.
The last son of Krypton vs the only son of god.
Both had old foster fathers that helped raise them.
Both able to do feats that mortal men cannot.
Both have a knowledge that man does not.
Both supposed to have an unwavering morality/honesty greater that of men.
Both have a weakness to certain materials on earth(superman is kryptonite, and jesus is iron nails)

Thanks katalyzt

Got me thinking... Super man had a weakness to Louis Lane and Jesus to Mary Magdalene....
As Jaequeline said, the jesus character is a popular mythic theme. Superman is one of them. The creators of Superman were both jewish though, and you can see plenty of that in the original superman mythology. Supes in a cornfield = Moses in the reeds?




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