Giving all of your reasons, both strong and mild, might backfire according to The Presenter's Paradox.

"People who present a bundle of information assume that every favorable piece adds to their overall case and include it in the bundle they present," she says. However, notes Garcia, associate professor of psychology and organizational studies at the University of Michigan, "this strategy backfires, because the addition of mildly favorable information dilutes the impact of highly favorable information in the eyes of evaluators. Hence, presenters of information would be better off if they limited their presentation to their most favorable information... [emphasis mine]

Something to consider in your strategies to defend Atheism.

... More Not Better, Says New Study

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So just add the most important information and forget about the weaker information. I know you always present your most important information first and then wait until last to present the weaker information -- but I guess people might remember only your weaker points instead of your strongest points. That was good information to know.




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