Hey although the group touches on the world of the exec's in business and business owners.... you don't have to be someone fancy with a big-deal title to have your say here.

If you have an interest in insidious nature of the way superstitious religious beliefs impact on commerce/employment/workplace.... then feel free to post your views and experiences on that.

Even if you're just heading out into the working world and starting your career...... you can state your new concerns and experiences here.

Don't feel you need to draft up impressive prose to be worthy of inclusion here. Just keep in mind the fact that the best senior exec's should feel comfortable with being able to communicate on the 'workshop floor' and be able to read between the lines. The person with the least experience might not be able to always speak with views that scope the wider picture..... but a great exec will notice the diamond comment when it's there amongst the rest of the expressions........ no matter how rough and uncut it is!

So be relaxed and speak about the impact of superstitions in the way you are suited to best.

Regards to you all!

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Great comment! Great idea!
Anyone who has had a less than pleasant experience will find this to be the best group here. Although it is a sobering reality that makes you wonder just how much legal recourse do you have in some of these situations. The first one made me laugh but seriously...as i said, it truely is a sobering concern. Wacky religous belief abounds! best to step off the threshing floor. A NEW power is mounting.



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