I had a great idea! In another discussion someone mentioned secret handshakes or a way to tell who in the business world is an atheist. How about instead of using the '@' symbol for you email address, you instead replace the '@' with Dawkin's scarlet letter 'A'?

It's discrete, if they don't know what that symbol means they'll think you just went out of your way to make the at symbol look creative. If they recognize it... think of the possibilities! An entire network of atheists in the business arena!


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omg did you burn them? lol
Give the Pagans back their fish! That is all I can think when I see that darn thing. Ironically it is all about fertility in the anti-sex religion. At least that makes me smile a little when I think of all the fun 'fertility' celebrations in the Pagan belief of the good old days.
I make fonts. I could make a free font which had things like the Dawkin A and the Darwin Fish and the Atheist Nexus symbol. I need a few more ideas to make the font worthwhile. Please post links to diagrams here.
Love it!!!! I'm going to put this @ everywhere I can.
I'll start today.

Atheist Business Cards are a great idea.  I've been looking for some to hand out at our local "Ask an Atheist" booth.  I wish that American Atheists or one of our other organizations would make a few templates for business cards that could be personalized and ordered online at reasonable cost.  I'd like a matte white card with the international red A in a circle, or the Dawkins' scarlet A with the partial circle, and room for a name, email address, and a few optional lines of text.  I also like the idea of replacing the @ symbol in our email addresses with an atheist A symbol.  It's very subtle, but could be effective.  Does anyone know how to add a symbol to an existing font in MS Word?  Finally, I wish we could all be less secretive about our sane non-belief.




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