just like to get everyones opinion of what you think happen to our loved one when they die?  My grandfather did NOT believe in god, he died in 08 my mother was not sure what she believed in and she did in 09, miss they both sooooo much, but they more or less believed that when you die, that is it, you die. could i get some imput on what you guys think, thank you soooooooo much!!!!!!!!-Alice

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An interesting question and one we will all find the answers to soon enough.


I am no believer in the heaven hell scenarios but I have seen and heard stories of interesting occurrences that really defy rational explanation.


So I am not sure, we do not understand consciousness well enough yet, nor do we understand the sub atomic dimensions of the universe.  I guess I am saying I keep my mind open to the possibility of an echo or a parallel universe scenario, I neither believe nor disbelieve, I am just curious.


What ever it is it will have a rational scientific explanation not a supernatural one. :-) 

I think they just die.  They go nowhere but into the ground or to ashes and that is it.  Everything that they were, ceases to exist, except in the minds of those surviving them.


Just thinking about it happening to me, is terrifying.

thank guys :)




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