Hey People,
I saw this group and I figured this was the place to be post traumatic over what happened in my last job. What follows is gratuitous catharsis.
I was working in a community group as an employment worker/counsellor in a place that runs govt funded programs, supporting the long term unemployed amongst other programs.
Turns out the CEO is a pagan. Which is great, until she reveals her method of running the company and decision making processes are based on runes and tarot readings. I find this out because her direct underling is a witch, and the CEO makes the underling do the readings.

Underling of course has opposing views. She has visions, and 'witchy' moments. She's also really psychic and can tell you amazing things by holding your hand. We became really good friends. She is a self reporting witch. Her six year old daughter tells me "I'm a witch. My mum's a witch, and my grandma's a witch." The proof of this is that she is named after a well known television witch. One day I ask her to hold my hand and give me some answers because people always report how scarily accurate these readings are, so I wait for mention about my uncle Dave's mother Rochel who fled from Russia, carrying the baby 60 miles, but all Underling tells me is that my digestion isn't great.

Underling and I stay friends, and U confides in me that the CEO is making huge spiritual demands on her, and bullying her by telling U that all her staff hate her. U and I work very hard to convince the Board of Directors that the CEO is doing some very strange things, which she was, such as random employment of staff, often on the basis of a pagan ritual carried out the previous evening. One day she brought in a psychic to work and he was allowed to

CEO is summarily fired. Underling is promoted to CEO. This, ironically, fits in with CEO's vision that Underling was going to "usurp" her. Underling claims long sleepless nights wrestling with her karma as to what to do because she didn't want to hurt CEO, even though what CEO was doing was sending the company broke. I worked sympathetically with her and her karma and told her that her karma would be bad if she didn't act.

Enter Board Member (bm). He is a reiki healer and kinetic healer. He states that he needs to be in a supervisory role now, what with the upheaval. He believes that he is now psychically connected to Underling/new CEO and that she appears in his mind and he knows exactly what she's thinking. The fact that she is an attractive blond and appears in many men's mind has nothing to do with it.

U/CEO tells me that she can be sitting with BM and feel him reiki-ing her and she's asked him not to do it in the lunch room. These people have company. Some of my colleagues are involved in brhama kumari meditation, and horoscope based lives, believing in any number of magical rituals you could name

I, however, am considered rude, when I say you people make me sick. I ended up getting fired for telling them all they were being fucking rude during Obama's victory speech. They tell me that it has nothing to do with work and that I'm just being difficult.

There was no hope anyway once I realised that bm was reiking my ceo in the lunchroom with everyone's explicit understanding and acceptance, except mine. I don't know if it wouldn't be better to work with a bunch of Christians who at least have a book of rules they pretend to play by, instead of a dream, or a feeling or a card that says death. They can play Charmed at home, but in a real live workplace?

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It's amazing how far some people will carry their delusion.

I'd say you're better off being out of that place.
That is a great story.
Where the hell do you live? Salem Mass.?
How can you resist the the urge to just screw with them all day?
You should make little stick figures out of branches and twigs and leave them laying around like in the Blair Witch. Anyway great story. --Chucky
NO WAY! I am sorry. I know you suffered the experience but please share this with others; preferably some talk radio station or something like that? You poor thing. Once again I am so sorry I find this and those people so silly.
I have been involved in Christian and New-age "stuff". There are similarities when people get extreme.
If you are heavily focused on the "next life" to the extent that you are escaping this life, you are messed up, whether it is "heaven" or "ascending to the next plane, and becoming part of the great white brotherhood".
I've seen new-agers get extremely bound up in their rituals or things I couldn't sensne (or verify in any way).
Weirdos abound in both groups.

My beliefs are somewhat buddhist/new-age, as in reincarnation. But I think if you are mentally healthy, there is no bible, no absolute certainty about it, no using the next life to escape this one, which is where you are, and no escaping responsibility for yourself, because that IS your responsibility.
That's insane. Where do you live? There has to be some sort of workplace violation there...




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