I have been looking through some other social network services in my area and find a disturbing number of groups forming around the Law of Attraction and/or The Secret. Most seem to include groups looking to apply these "practices" to their small business ventures.

I am interested to know other's thoughts on these. Are they just forms of positive mental attitude and visual imagery or is it New Age religion?

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It teaches that you can, for instance, look at a picture of a house and if you daily think hard enough about having that house until you actually feel as if you already have it, you will eventually have that house, without making any effort to get it. It tells people to think positively yes, but it doesn't urge them to work hard to logically achieve their goals. It produces a lot of delusional and eventually greatly disappointed people. It does much of what any religion does, offers false hope, miracles, faith in something supernatural, etc.
I've experienced this "overly positive" approach in the work place recently. EVERYONE must think positive... It has gotten so out of control that it's followers perceived those who point out flaws or weaknesses in its approach as negative; even in the face of objective evidence.
It is taking an idea that positive mental imagery helps to achieve goals and turning it into New age mumbo jumbo religion.

If I can clearly see my objectives then they are easier for me to achieve.

If I sit on my arse and dream of wealth and power I am going to remain a poor looser with a fat arse :-)
I've watched the video and at first I have to admit that I thought there might be some wisdom to their words...of course, I simply assumed that while they were thinking happy thoughts that they were also working toward their goal....I was making an assumption and I feel guilty about it. I'm no better than those who make assumptions for the bible, in order for it to make more sense.

It is a religion and it has the potential to be just as scary as the ancient religions many now practice. I can imagine it. The goal of the religion is to be happy, always. To be unhappy means to bring to you negative energy. But how can you be happy when your mother just died? We have little pills for that. How can you remain happy when your wife just cheated on you with your best friend? We have little pills for that too. If anything bad ever happens to you, you must have brought it against yourself. If you were raped, then deep down, you wanted that to happen.

It breeds a religion that blames the victim and dopes up an already doped society.




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