There are likely as many atheist guitarists and bassists who prefer cut aways as there are those who don't. Is there a reason you tend to lean one way or the other?
I think If your hands are strong enough it's just a matter of style.
What do you think?

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I assume you're talking about acoustic guitars? I find I just need the first 15 frets to do most everything I need to anyway. Cutaways are largely a waste for a guitarist like me.
I find the only time I really use a cutaway is when I'm jamming with a group of (or another) acoustic guitar(s). Then I have the reach to solo. But for the most part, that is an unusual setting to find yourself. Mostly I ignore the cutaway part of my acoustic.
I've never really thought about it. My acoustic playing tends to be chord based strummy stuff so a cut away would be largely redundant, but when buying acoustics it's not something I consider: the guitars that have felt best in the hand have tended to be without cutaways but I reckon that's just coincidence.

Electric wise I'm a bit of a Telecaster fan and the cut away goes with the territory.
I find that it doesn't affect the sound much if any, and I don't spend a lot of time playing above the 12 fret on an acoustic since the notes sound so "pinched" and decay rapidly. So when I choose cutaway or no cutaway, I base it somewhat on aesthetics. Often, I think that guitars we associate with acoustic electric models such as an ovation, taylor or takamine look great with a cutaway. Yet more "traditional" brands like Gibson, or Martin don't seem so attractive with a cutaway. In other words, ovation baladeer HELL YEAH gimme a cutaway... Martin D-28, no thanks.
That sounds right Jason. Certain makers do the cut away more artistically, I have to agree with your sence of appropriateness on the ovation or even the Gibson SG but Martin- not what they're known for...
It more or less depends on what type of music I am playing. Folk or country, no cutaway, rock, blues or jazz, cutaway.




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