Long story short, my dad recently passed away leaving a number of guitars of which I now own two.  I had been learning mandolin for about a year (self taught), but now I really want to learn guitar more than ever.  My dad was a wonderful guitarist, and I want to keep his memory by learning his instrument.
I've been practicing some chords and fingerpicking every day, between 1/2 hour and an hour a day.  I know the basics of the instrument and have found some good tab sites online.  I also found some old DVDs I got years ago that had some good basic exercises for increasing finger/hand strength for playing.

So, some quick questions.
Any helpful hints or other things I can do to augment my learning?
Is there a good (preferably free) place online to find scales?
Are scales really worth focusing on that much?
And last but certainly not least, does anyone here make their own tabs for songs?

As I said, I've been learning mandolin for the past year or so, so I'm not entirely unfamiliar with the process of fingerpicking and strumming.  I'm not a total noob, but would welcome any hints and help I can get.  So far, I feel I'm making pretty darn good progress.


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Mandolin and guitar...it sounds as if you want to learn Appalachian folk or something similar. If you ever want to play melodies, scales and keys are something you really want to learn. I'd recommend using StumbleUpon to find websites for scales, modes and the like.

One trick I do is to learn the vocal line for songs. It's very Muzak, but works as a good foundation to tuneful melodies.
Hi Pirate Bard. Condolences for your loss. My own dad passed in February this year.
I think you've hit on a great way to make those instruments part of the next generation. Where the notes are is relevant whatever tuning your playing in. If a particular genre of music resonates with you that's a short term goal. Don't forget the more you know about how to expand memory the more valuable it becomes in all walks of life.




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