I've haven't met many atheist homeschoolers in the blogosphere, even though I know many secular families that school at home. Who else is out there?

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Me!! I hope more of us show up here. :)
Hi Sylvia, Well with a start like this the group is bound to grow. Amy (of the famous inclusive shirt!)
Hey there! I just not got back to the site and saw your message. :)
Hi! I'm out here :)

I'm Homeschooling my three kids in New Hampshire. Most homeschooling around here is religiously motivated and it gets tedious at times.

It will be great to get some discussion going here soon.

My daughter is still internal but I'm thinking ahead. ;)
I'm 34 weeks today so sometime early September.
Me, too :)

Actually, I used to be a religious wackaloon homeschooler - until the truth set me free :)

Now I spend most of my (limited) online time in either the secular homeschooling blogosphere or the "atheiosphere." Ah, so many spheres, so little time.

HI! I homeschool my 2 children (ages 15 and 11). And my problem with public schools IS personal. I don't personally want them to have anything to do with my children. lol
we are homeschooling! we use Connections Academy (free public online homeschool) we have just started & our daughter is in kindergarten... she is having a blast and with all the materials they provide, it is very well guided and not complicated at all when it comes to being the learning coach:)

we love homeschooling!
Hi all, a Colorado homeschooler here!
Unfortunately, the hs atmosphere here is primarily religious, but we have found a couple of secular (not specifically atheist though) meet-up groups.

I'm a second generation hs-er. My son was having problems with ps failing him, not to mention that he was being bullied (gotta love those "no tolerance" for violence schools - not). Since we started my son is doing better in all subjects (thriving on science) and a much happier person. I always offer him the option to return to school, but so far he has no desire for that.
Hi Ann!
I'm homeschooling in Amarillo TX. The local support group is EXTREMELY religious. We'd been homeschooling in Ohio for years before moving back to Texas, and I was very active with the groups there, but when I got the packet to join the one here, they had items in their calendar like "Teaching your daughters submission" and "Science in the Bible". Needless to say, that didn't happen. I've been a homeschooling loner for four years now. I don't think I could do it without the internet.




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