I've haven't met many atheist homeschoolers in the blogosphere, even though I know many secular families that school at home. Who else is out there?

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We have just decided to homeschool our 11 yr old daughter. I had to do my research and weigh the pros vs. cons; lol..we skipped praying about it, however, we needed to be sure we are making the best decision for our daughter. I'm hoping to meet more atheists parents that choose to homeschool.
We do! Although we're at the tail end. Our eldest just graduated last year, but has decided to upgrade to "advanced" math and work a little on the side. And our second boy is going to graduate this year.

Funny story, we didn't start off as "Atheist" homeschoolers (don't care what my spellcheck says, is to a word). With all the BS religious homeschooling out there, my eldest son became an atheist before me (^_^). He's a thinker.
I homeschool our two boys (5 and 2). I studied education for about 4 years and just couldn't stand the thought of my children in a public school. Our five year old is gifted (handling work most 1st graders can't do, even though the public school system refused to even speak with us until next year). Their loss thankfully! I started a secular group in our area (we are military living overseas), but it became over run with lazy theists who just joined because the Christian homeschool group charged dues and required participation. I recently ended the group since the stress of it wasn't worth what little the boys and I could get out of it. Now I'm trying to find like minded folks so I know we aren't completely alone.
When we decided to have kids, we also decided how they would be taught and that was by homeschooling. As usual, things don't always work out like we plan and after Jacob's accident it became blatantly clear that the public school could give him more than I could. The funding and skills of the public school system for disabled kids is lacking in many areas but it still far surpasses anything we could do, so off he went.

Then we decided to buy a house and have another kid. It took a year to find the right house in the right school district but we finally did three years ago. We put her in Pre-K and it was great, well good enough I thought. Then she started Kindergarten this year. She is doing well according to their standards but not to mine. But really what I getting at with this is something else.

A few months ago we got word that her school is being re-districted and she will be going to a school on the other side of town that is CRAP. So, we've talked to her teacher and decided that she can finish out the year at her school and we will spend the rest of the year getting ready for the transition to homeschool. YIKES! I'm terrified to say the least but I'm really glad to see fellow atheist homeschoolers out there!
Thank you Sarah!

I would love to get together, Aly would really enjoy that and I would love some adult girl speak!
Yeah!!! I'll take this to PM with the details.
We are starting homeschooling for our 3 children next year. Our oldest is in Kindergarten right now but we have had numerous problems with the school and honestly she is way beyond the rest of her class.

I was homeschooled growing up (uber christian, my parents used the Bob Jones Cirriculum *bleh*) but my wife went to public school. Im glad to find this group on here and if anyone is homeschooling in central indiana maybe we could meet-up sometime!




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