I got the chance to attend the American Atheists Conference a few weeks ago in DC. Lucky for you at home - they let me bring my video camera in....

No one is above a little teasing every now and then...

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Well played, young man.  Well played.

David Silverman is a gas, that guy knows how to have fun. 

Well done, the elevator scene is epic. Drunk atheists as well, …love it.

Very funny. I especially liked Richard Dawkin's reaction.

That was my fave!

Ha! I just heard from Justin Griffith on Facebook. So… why did you edit out Dawkins telling you to "fuck off"?

That would have been epic+.

I had heard something about this, but I didn't know the context until now.

I had this thought, while Dawkins was getting mobbed, at Rock Beyond Belief.  Do you think he knew what he was getting into, when he decided to become an Evolutionary Biology professor?

Ha… yes, the kids. That was pretty cool. The lady who was in charge of the Camp Quest area at RBB is one of my FB friends, we've been having fun with this (and the "atheists eat babies" meme). Since her wall photos are "friends only", I'll post it here:

(Note: I was photoshopping on the fly and didn't proof, yes I know there's a redundant preposition, mea culpa)




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