18-Year-Old's Rant on Resigning from the Mormon Church (Lewis Black)

Apparently, comedian Lewis Black has been in receipt of a number of rants on assorted topics which he has read as a part of his stand-up routine, or I assume that from the following.  This video is of Black reading a letter from an 18-year-old ex-Mormon, who expresses his displeasure with the LDS church along with his relief at leaving it, both eloquently and blasphemously!  What I especially love is that Black clearly appreciates this young man's intelligence and skill of expression as he reads.

This one is a classic, people.  Take six and a half minutes and give a listen!

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That is what we need, more rants and action!

I'll second that, Joan, wholeheartedly!

As an X moron, this is really good!




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