Believe it or not, it's happened: Aron Ra has gone commercial!  All of a sudden, now he's hawking toenail fungus treatments, artificially manufactured burgers, and he's even promoting movie sequels!  A quartet of his latest promotions follows here.

Please have a look ... and be prepared to LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF!

NIXALL!!! The toenail wonder treatment (which endangers your life!)

FRANKENSPAM!!! For when a McDonald's hamburger just isn't processed enuf!

BIO-DINE!!! I'm not QUITE certain what it is, but buy it anyway!

SON OF SEQUEL II!!! Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the movies!

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Good grief! All he needs now is a snake oil cure for cancer and a new shirt! This has to be a joke! More accurately, he looks like a fool. 

Joan, I have to believe that Aron was just having some fun here, as well as venting about some pet peeves of his.

I think so too! Much as I admire him, he looks like a con-man in these adv. 

Ah, Joan?  Just between you, me, and the lamppost?  I think that was the idea! [smirk!]

Will watch later, but it looks like he's just having everyone on to lighten things up.

The Nixall label gave me enough of a laugh. Didn't bother to watch.

Same here! It reminds me of the standard disclaimer on druglike supplements in the U.S., something like "These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease." Manufacturers don't have to show that the pills actually work. As long as it looks pretty in your medicine cabinet, doesn't kill people, and creates profit for the company, that's all that matters.

Those are hilarious!!!!




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