Australia has had a history of comedy shows that made fun of human frailties, and especially religion.

I've linked here a copy of a sample.

Paul McDermott so often poked ridicule at religion and in this particular week, another of my favourite atheist comedians in Tim Minchin appeared as a guest.  Tim was a regular on this show, while he lived in Australia.

Hope you enjoy this episode.

Let me know if your country has a similar live comedy show that freely exchanged dialogue with the audience.

I was a fan of Mikey Robbins when he was a DJ on my favourite radio station, Triple-J, excellent mind.

For a while I also had a bit of a crush on Claire Hooper, she is a great looking and brilliant woman.


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Let me know if your country has a similar live comedy show that freely exchanged dialogue with the audience.

Bill Maher's show is the only thing that comes to mind, right away.  He doesn't interact with the audience as much, though.

I haven't had cable or satellite in at least 5 or 6 years, myself, so I obviously don't watch much daytime TV, either.  

The only programs we would watch are "Good News Week" for our news and "NCIS" only the one with the original team, the other NCISs suck.  So that is our weekly viewing, 2 nights only.

Now that GNW has finished, we only watch NCIS and SUNDAY NIGHT for current affairs.  So we only watch Television for around 2 hours a week.

It is a pity that there is nothing to replace GNW.

We think that if Tony leaves NCIS, we'd not watch it any more, his humour is what keeps us watching it.

I'm a big fan of Bill Maher's as well, we will search for any new vids of Bill's on youtube as we had a comedian in the 60s like Bill who continually pushed the boundaries of correctness named Graham Kennedy, who himself was gay, but he got sacked for trying to get the F-word out and made crow calls that sounded a bit like the F-word and got sacked for it.

They had to bring him back, because it was only his show and his  larrikinism  that kept their ratings up.  But they made him work under a more restrictive framework, which did not work and their ratings died in the process.

They did the same with Good News Week, brought it back, due to it's extremely high popularity, but limited the interaction with the audience and limited the content, which made this new format suck majorly, it was never the same show, so we stopped watching it.

TV executives and their restrictions suck.

They have no sense of humour.


GNW was axed, possibly by complaints from conservatives over the raunchiness of their impromptu comedy.

They brought it back as losing it lost a lot of ratings points for the channel, as GNW was extremely popular.

It returned under a new framework.  More formal comedy, with less interaction with the audience, and almost no impromptu comedy.  It all appeared pre-packaged and wrong, so we stopped watching it.

I cannot find a sample of the final format, probably because everybody lost interest in it.

Here is the GNW, Buzzers Of Death.  A very popular segment.




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