Beards are all the rage, especially in many religious circles. Some Hasidic Jews reportedly pay up to $7,000 for a beard transplant. This graphic from Leadership Journal reflects the intersection of facial hair and Christian ministry.

Graphic by Paul Pastor, illustrated by Kyle Rohane.

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Actually, that first one is a van dyke, not a goatee.

I know.  I saw.  I'm just commenting in general.  Most people get that wrong.

funniest thing Ive seen all day!

Being a relatively hairless ape, I've always been turned-off by a lot of hair, especially the 10 o' clock shadow, and the 3-day BUM look.  I enjoy the sarcasm of this piece.

Now I wish someone would make a sarcastic bit about the hairy atheists.  I'm thinking specifically of the "Unholy Trinity".  I like what they say, but am repulsed by their hairiness.

Well, I'd make a very poor man-crush for you then, man.  I'm a freaking chia pet.

Uh oh. I haven't touched a razor in 15 years. I do trim face and head with an electric clippers, 1/8 inch guard, weekly. Doesnt fit the pastor type, does fit sith my personal discomfort with both naked skin and excessive grooming. And it's cheap. Buy a $19 clipper every 3 to 5 years. No gas, no waiting at barber shop, no banter with said barber - or stylist, please no! and no violating my personal space. Just one a week in the bathroom, clippings go into compost pile.


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