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Thanks guys for the positive feedback. I really appreciate it.


As far as trashing books goes - I would normally take issue with that as well....but am I the only one that's constantly embarrassed when the Christians brag about the bible being the most printed book in the world?


The way I look at it, is if I can take a couple of these books out on my way through life...I will have made this world just a little bit better.


Remember - its like re-using already wasted paper......


Thanks again guys


Funny video.  I found that hollowing out the book makes a great place to store one's weed.  It's also useful when in need of coasters for drinks - most copies have paper that doesn't let water soak through.  And it would be great for taking notes if they didn't print all that bullshit on the pages.

Keep up the good work Mikey!!!  I live in the butt crack of the bible belt, and it's amazing to me how many lurking atheists/agnostics there are here.  I am by no means militant, but I don't try and hide that I am atheist.  It seems when I just say, I am not religious in ANY way, I'm getting more positive reactions to it.  I subscribed to you channel and look forward to your next ahem.....bone to pick....

Just don't end up like that girl that initiated draw mohammed day.  I know....Islam deserves the biggest finger of all.  If anyone has it coming, all the wrongs present there, it's them.  Just be careful my friend.  That's scary crazy!!!  But still, it absolutely proves our 

Thanks for the laugh...I needed it ;)~


Thanks for the ideas Jim.


I appreciate your support....more videos to come...





I don't know if using it for rolling papers is the best idea.  I rolled up a fat one with a page fron 2nd Kings, IIRC, and after smoking it I had a strange urge to eat communion wafers and drink crappy wine.

This is my body.   This is my blood.

And this is my beer.......


Doorstop and table prop are classic uses. Some others: material for papier mache; cut it into random pieces and paste them to a canvas, then give the whole thing a pretentious title; a bookmarked copy with all the ugly parts underlined (that will be a whole heck of a lot of underlining) ready to hand near the door as evidence in your debate with missionaries who appear unasked at your door; a source of biofuel.


Remember: reduce, reuse, recycle.

I wouldn't have thought the pages would burn right for smoking, and the ink-smears would eventually irritate my sphincter, but I love the video and the ideas expressed.

If you roll up the pages and throw them across the room, they make wonderful cat toys, too !



Thanks for all the great suggestions guys...


I got more videos in the works - stay posted....and GOD BLESS ATHEISM IN 2011 !!!

About a year ago I ordered some Ham Base online from a company in Florida (So that I could make ham & bean soup without buying a large hunk of ham just for the bone...and hocks are very difficult to find around here for some reason.)  When the package arrived, I was delighted, and opened it immediately, and guess what was staring me in the face.  Hmmmph!  A New Testic...errr...Testament with the Gideon Society's imprint on the cover. 

I e-mailed the company immediately and complained, and suggested that they add a check-box on their order form so that people could have a choice.  They wrote back and sort of apologized, but said they would continue the practice in memory of their father who was a Gideon.  I wrote back and told them what a despicable character the original Gideon was, and that I would be warning my friends not to buy any of their merchandise.  Ever.


Never heard from them again.


I threw the book in with the rest of the recyclable paper, and the trash truck picked it up the next day.

Wow!  I think that even the average non-religious person would be alarmed because of  so-called power that lies in this book.  It's interesting how fear and domination can cause it to have so much power, and you debunk it.  If more people used the pages to wipe their asses with, more would see that nothing horrible happens when you do it, and perhaps maybe they'll start to understand that it's just a book.

Hmmmm....  I don't think the paper is very absorbent.  Might have to change your underwear.


How about lining the bottoms of birdcages with it? 


Or do what Spider Robinson did when he was living on an old farm in Nova Scotia, and reviewing books for a semi-living. Publishers were sending review copies to him by the bushel, and he used most of them to insulate the walls of the house, and the rest made good kindling for his wood-burning stove.


Line a root cellar?




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