Here's a discussion dedicated to how comedians deal with religion on this side of the pond. We have very little reserve when it comes to religion and almost all our best comedians have something worth saying about it.

Addendum: I thought it would be remiss of me to include these brilliant comedians and not provide a little background to them. I make no claims to being a comprehensive biographer here, I'll just update the info as and when I can, because I seriously love these guys, they are my favourite comedians and I wouldn't want their names to just fade from your memory having watched them; -

Boyle, Frankie (Scottish)
Brigstocke, Marcus (English)
Byrne, Ed (Irish)
Fry, Stephen (English)
Carr, Jimmy (Irish-English)
Connolly, Billy (Scottish)
Davies, Alan (Welsh-English)
Gervais, Ricky (English)
Izzard, Eddie (English)
Minchin, Tim (Australian)
Mitchell, David (English)
Moran, Dylan (Irish)
O'Briain, Dara (Irish)
Steel, Mark (English)
Webb, Robert (English)
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Here we have Tim Minchin's "Storm", perhaps the greatest and most entertaining summation of the atheist position there has ever been, perhaps better than the God Delusion (Sacrilege!!!); but here it is...


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I wonder if Tim Minchin has become funnier now that he lives in England.
I think - but don't quote me on this - I think, he was born in England and raised in Australia (Perth, I think) so his return to England is something of a homecoming. Not, in anyway to deny his Australian heritage of course. I think he's wonderful and would rate him as one of the key influences of my life thus far, despite the rather clunky start of his stand-up comedy, he can bang out an hilarious tune or a beat-poem like the best of them. Marvellous!
Midget Shortage. I love this guy. We watched his whole special, he is more my taste than my husbands. I love language jokes. (Stationary store moves) Thanks for this one.
I love his humour, how he doesn't give a shit if the audience is offended or not. Frankie Boyle is much the same, comedians pushing the boundaries of what its "safe" to laugh at.

I saw him live once and when he said he was not only an atheist, but and antitheist - "I actually believe religion is a bad idea!" - I roared with applause.

Unfortunately, where I come from is perhaps one of the most backward thinking places in the UK (or at least England); so my applause were my own and everyone else just kept quiet.

Fucking conformists; even the atheists in this town think religion is a good thing! There also happen to be quite a few fascist councillors running this town as well (coincidence, maybe?). We're also home to a thriving new Evangelical Congregation that's buying up old churches in the area. - So depressing!!!
Religion as a political power seems to turning into a global epidemic. The use of 'offense' to gain sympathy is just sickening. My understanding is that the U.K. and Europe in general has rather large Muslim problem that is added to the Irish C/P conflict that, a few short years ago, had seemed to be improving.
The US has secretive group 'The Family' all the way to Mega churches that are becoming more blatant about he attempt to turn us into a 'Christian' nation.
Either way, it is bad for everyone. Aren't we involved in some war or 3 that is supposed to be supporting people against theist regimes? How has the irony been missed, except in the 'well that is those religions' excuse.
Oh, I've always wanted to convert an old church into a house for me. Then we could hold Freethinker, atheist meetings there. Maybe some of the big monied atheist crowds could buy them and turn them into science museums or schools.
The popular thing in the UK seems to be to turn them into restaurants; there's one in my town that does really good - if somewhat expensive - banquet style meals. The original congregation got turfed out because it couldn't pay to have its foundations repaired our something.

Score one for secular values, food comes before faith. There's supposedly a second church in the area that has been bought up to be refurbished as a restaurant, I seriously think its the way forward.


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