The German Press Council reported that some 100 formal    complaints have been filed since the magazine came out, a level of protest not seen since 2006, when German newspaper Die Welt reprinted the infamous Danish Mohammed cartoons.

Two criminal complaints have also been filed against the cartoonist and the editors of Titanic, claiming the picture slanders their religion.

If a bunch of priest humping children doesn't “slander” their religion a cartoon sure as shit doesn't.



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Do you think the Catholic church may soon be facing extinction? Or do you think they will just give themselves a "make-over"? I can't fathom how they haven't fucked themselves in the ass (haha), but seriously...the list against them is growing.
Is it actually slander? If it is in print it's liable - trival point.
If it's in print, I think it's "libel." Another trivial point.
Brain fart - and the damn spell checker didn't read my mind (useless tool)
There may be naughtiness implied in that cartoon, but it shows NOTHING except a Catholic in front of an odd Jesus on the Cross. Aside from that, reporting on the sex abuse scandal isn't libel, as it is true (that the scandal is happening, not that all the charges are true).

Aside from that, it is a cartoon and obviously satire.
Now if they really wanted to be controversial and stick closer to the heart of the pedophilia scandal, instead of having Jesus on the cross they'd have depicted a priest with a younger Jesus...

I'm glad they didn't do that, though: this picture makes its point clearly.
I've drawn some cartoons that would probably put me on a few hit lists.
WTF is wrong with these people; when did they fall into the 13th century?
they didn't fall INTO the 13th century, they never climbed out of it...
Actually, under John Paul II they managed to climb into the 19th.
You make a very good point about the "untouchableness" of religion. It's ridiculous.

This is even more serious a problem here in the United States.
Every sperm is sacred, Every sperm is good...
Every sperm is sacred every egg Divine...Monty Python, Meaning of Life - my favorite.


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