The German Press Council reported that some 100 formal    complaints have been filed since the magazine came out, a level of protest not seen since 2006, when German newspaper Die Welt reprinted the infamous Danish Mohammed cartoons.

Two criminal complaints have also been filed against the cartoonist and the editors of Titanic, claiming the picture slanders their religion.

If a bunch of priest humping children doesn't “slander” their religion a cartoon sure as shit doesn't.



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Holy shit thats funny. Good point though...if you act that way you open yourself up to ridicule. Did you notice they have the Turin Shroud on display now too...nice distraction.
Haven't they proven that the shroud is is not authentic but dates from the 13th or 14 th century?
The sample they dated has been shown to be contaminated. In fact, the areas best for dating can't be cut out of the cloth because the Church wouldn't allow it.

I may start a thread on the Shroud, actually...

This cartoon is hilarious, but I believe it's already been posted:
"areas best for dating can't be cut out of the cloth" - How convenient. Of course that section of the same cloth is obviously 1400 years older than the section we let you carbon date for verification of the cloth's age. And would we, the catholic church, ever lie?
Yeah..they have. But we all know how faith loves evidence. ANd it gives people something else to argue about.
Why should you get a slap for this? If there were a historical bejebus, he probably didn't look like that. He was no doubt a very Semitic-looking guy, dark skinned with very curly hair, probably kinda short, too (guessing here). (Actually, that looks like a young George Carlin.)
An anthropologist constructed an image of what a historical Jeebus might look like based on his ethnicity

Not all that charismatic - in fact he would, without doubt, be on a no fly list were he to show up today, and driving a cab in Manhatten.
I always thought he would look like a hippie.
WTF is that? A sweat stain? Or the T-shirt of Turin.
No more bong hits for you.
@Rebecca... to be fair, they didn't exactly "open themselves to ridicule" on this one... they were exposed... so to speak. I would say they opened themselves to ridicule by apologizing for the Galileo matter. A small point, to be sure...

Still... it is a lovely cover ;)
I think they open themselves to ridicule by trying to cover up a multitude or truly horrible sex scandals; trying to blame the medium, the victims, and a secular society for their woes; and likening themselves to holocaust victims.
Hell, they open themselves to ridicule by teaching the doctrines they've been teaching for almost 2000 years.



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