You gotta watch this!!  Freekin FUNNY

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Well yes I know that. Still this is just funny sattire...I get it :)
You are right. Some people think this stuff is real. Granted I've heard some preachers getting really stupid, and Pastor Deacon Fred sounds so much like the real deal, a lot of people think he is. Youtube has many many good videos of him! It's great funny stuff.
Yeah? I knew from the beginning because I had been told by an atheist friend, but that FACT that people have a hard time wondering if this is for real or not, speaks volumes about the insanity involved in christianity these day doesn't it? It's like a license to be an asshole, and put your own bullshit agenda off on others.
When you see it done like Landover does it, well, that just goes to show you how when you mention god, you can attach the most insane things to him, and that makes it ok. Then after a while you, noooo this can't be real. I bet more than a few christians still don't know it's a foogazz. LOL poor gullible bastards. Wonder how much of an a-hole they feel like after they figure it out? Only after agreeing with much of the crazy stuff Pastor Deacon Fred threw at them? I live in the Southeast United States, and believe me, there a few churches here that come close to being as "funny" as landover, but for And that isn't so funny. The website is off the hook!
Know of any other good poe communities? Hook us up:) Good Times!
Check out the Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division. Some of their research has been used prior to city council votes around the country.
Thanks Glen for the link.....that is soooooo freekin funny. I think it's laziness that makes people so complacent... don't you? I don't sign a damn thing until I know what it is! (Glad I didn't nap thru Chemistry freekin 101!)
You should read the letters they get. So many don't have a clue.
Do you mean Jeebus doesn't watch me take a dump? And all this time I was letting it linger in the bowl hoping for his approval - I take pride it a job well done.. I'm crushed that Jeebus doesn't give a shit about my shit and that's no shit.
ROFLMFAAO!!!!!! You are a sick man, and I dig that about U!!!
Mike, are you talking about Edward Current?? Cuz that guy is freekin funny!!
Well think hard and get his name out of that big beautiful brain of yours :)
wow, that dude is off the hook.... he's either a genius or needs medication, really bad! hehehe




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