You gotta watch this!!  Freekin FUNNY

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This dude has a shit load of followers! I can't comprehend someone who was joking saying some of the things he pulls out of his ass! I mean RIGHT OUT OF HIS ASS...... whew!!! almost afraid to watch anything else.....hehehe
needs medication, really bad! hehehe

OTOH, he may be on a bit TO much medication - he is more than a little twitchy.
yeah I think I would most definitely bitch slap
or he should switch drugs, because the ones he's on has turned him into a mess! Whatever it is, he crazy!!!
I would RX large amounts of Valium or some black market Qualudes.
hehehe.....does that really work?
I love the desperate attempt with the playstations lol
Mike, that is "Toe-Up"........but yeah, I might have to watch another one of his vids....




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